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Italy gets first gay themed pasta television commercial

Italy gets first gay themed pasta television commercial

Ten months after the head of the Barilla pasta company said his company would never use gay or lesbian people to promote its brand another Italian pasta company has done just that.

A new ad by Findus Italia pastas released this month features a son coming out to his mother over pasta but it turns out that she already knew.

The commercial features gay son ‘Luca’ who is hosting a dinner party for his mom with his ‘flatmate’ Gianni.

After wowing his mother with his culinary skills Luca tells his mother, ‘Mum, there is another little surprise: Gianni isn’t only my flatmate, he’s my partner.’

She replies, ‘My darling, I already got that,’ touching his hand.

It is believed that this is the first ever Italian TV commercial to feature LGBTI issues in a positive way and Findus has been praised by Italy’s Gay Center.

‘It should set an example for how Italian companies should communicate,’ Gay Center spokesman Fabrizio Marrazzo said, according to Il Messaggero.

‘The advert clearly demonstrates the simplicity of a gay couple’s daily life, and acceptance of them in an intelligent way. We applaud Findus and call on all companies, big and small, to do the same. We’re still waiting for Barilla to give us a sign in that respect.’

Barilla pledged to produce a more inclusive advertising campaign in November last year but that is yet to eventuate.

Watch the commercial below