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Italy has failed gay couples, European court rules

Italy has failed gay couples, European court rules

Italy has now brought in civil unions

Italy has failed same-sex couples and should provide some form of rights for them, according to the European Court of Human Rights.

The Strasbourg court of seven judges have ruled same-sex couples in Italy need legal rights. It is the only major western European country without equal marriage or civil union laws.

‘The Court considered that the legal protection currently available in Italy to same-sex couples … not only failed to provide for the core needs relevant to a couple in a stable committed relationship, but it was also not sufficiently reliable,’ it said.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has now pledged to introduce a law on civil unions by the end of the year.

This was done to appease gay junior minister Ivan Scalfarotto who had fasted for 20 days to spread awareness of discrimination against LGBTI people in the country.

But the draft legislation has been blocked in the Senate by thousands of amendments from the opposition.

The European Court of Human Rights has demanded the three gay couples who came to the court be paid €10,000 each (€11,000), €5000 per plaintiff, in damages and up to €10,000 jointly to cover the costs and legal expenses.

‘The European Court has said in Italy there is a violation of human rights, and this is not honorable for a large country like ours,’ Scalfarotto has said.