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Italy PM to drop adoption rights from gay civil unions bill

Italy PM to drop adoption rights from gay civil unions bill

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will drop adoption rights from a civil unions bill in order to push the controversial legislation through parliament.

Senators from his Democratic Party backed the proposal at a meeting Tuesday (23 February).

‘Between “everything never” and “nothing today,” it’s better to do a little piece now’ Renzi said in a radio interview ahead of the discussion.

He added that he hoped the Senate would approve the amended bill later this week before sending it immediately to the lower Chamber of Deputies.

Renzi, who is starting his third year in office, had promised to pass the bill by the end of last year, but his plans were frustrated by repeated challenges from within parliament and the Catholic church.

Last week, pro-Vatican senators in the Democratic Party and a coalition party led by his interior minister stalled a vote on the bill over a provision that gave limited adoption rights over the gay partner’s biological child.

LGBTi group Rainbow Families said the decision to remove the adoption rights amounted to the ’emptying out’ of a bill that was already a modest compromise.

Italy is the only major country left in Western Europe that does not recognize either civil unions or gay marriage.