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Italy: Poll reveals majority opposed to gay adoption and same-sex marriage

Italy: Poll reveals majority opposed to gay adoption and same-sex marriage

A public poll carried out in Italy has found that opposition to same-sex marriage has risen in the past 12 months and that many in the country remain opposed to the idea of gay adoption, reports ANSA.

Same-sex marriage and civil unions are not legal in the deeply Catholic country. However, last week, in a historic move, the Mayor of Rome offered recognition to civil unions conducted abroad.

Those participating in such ceremonies abroad, who then return to Rome, can now take advantage of a new civil union register that they can sign.

A public poll, conducted by Eurispes pollsters, found that 64.4% of those polled supported juridical protection for de facto couples of any gender – a benefit of legally recognized civil unions.

However, 59.2% opposed gay marriage – up from a figure of 50.7% in 2014.

The percentage of people against gay adoption was 72.2% – a similar figure to previous polls. Adoption of children is currently restricted to opposite-sex married couples only, although a court in Rome recently allowed a woman to legally adopt and become the co-parent of her female partner’s child.

Indicating that Italians have shifted away from following orthodox Catholic doctrine in other areas, 86.6% favored fast-track divorce, 49.8% thought it OK to make use of surrogate mothers, and 58.1% expressed support for the ‘morning-after pill’ form of contraception. One in three (33%) supported the legalization of soft drugs, while 65.5% thought that prostitution should be decriminalized.