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Italy takes first step to make gay hate illegal

Italy takes first step to make gay hate illegal

Italy approved the first draft of the country’s first law against homophobia and transphobia yesterday (24 October) and the bill will now be debated by the lower chamber of parliament.

It’s a first step towards a law protecting LGBT people against hate and the draft has been made possible thanks to Anna Paola Concia, a lesbian Member of Parliament (MP).

The Italian left has been trying to approve a bill against homophobia and transphobia since 2009, through the extension of the law Mancino, which protects the Italians against racial discrimination.

Concia said: ‘The draft has been possible thanks to the Partito Democratico and the Italia dei Valori party. This is the third time, during this government, that we try to have its approval.’

Federico Palomba MP wrote the draft. He said: ‘Now we have to work to convince the whole parliament. The draft has to be discussed by both the majority and the opposition.’

Italy lacks a law protecting LGBT people against gay hate. Yesterday, the draft was approved by the Justice Commission, formed of a small group of MPss.

Palomba added: ‘The commission has done a good first step. Now I hope that the whole commission will support the draft in front of parliament.’

Last year, leading LGBT association Arcigay reported more than 100 serious acts of gay hate in Italy.