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Italy’s Democrats say no to same-sex marriage

Italy’s Democrats say no to same-sex marriage

The Partito Democratico’s (Italian democrats) assembly has refused to vote in a document urging the promotion of civil unions for lesbian and gay couples.

Yesterday the PD split: dozens of furious Democrats gave back their party card, protesting against the abolition of the debate about same-sex marriage, promoted by the lesbian member of parliament Anna Paola Concia.

The party’s leader, Pierluigi Bersani, said that ‘we can not vote the document on gay marriage because we have proposed another document on civil liberties for LGBT people.’

But the base of the party reacted angrily. Sandro Gozi, in charge of the European policies, said: ‘In this way, we’re following the worst European right. We must follow French President Hollande’.

President François Hollande is backing gay marriage in France, together with his prime minister.

Enrico Fusco, delegate of the Puglia region, said: ‘This refusal is not respectful of our dignity. Some Italian right-wing politicians are more gay friendly than the majority of the left-wing ones.’

But the Catholic Democrat Rosy Bindi, president of the party, defended the move of the leadership: ‘We can not back same-sex marriage because it would be against our constitution.’

Italy’s same-sex couples don’t have any rights or laws protecting them.