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It’s official: sexy Catwoman is bisexual

It’s official: sexy Catwoman is bisexual

Holy furballs Batman, Catwoman is bisexual!

The feline villain, the alter-ego of Selina Kyle, comes out in the latest issue of DC Comics’ Catwoman #39, writer Genevieve Valentine confirms on her blog.

‘She’s flirted around it – often quite literally – for years now; for me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation,’ Valentine writes.

She adds: ‘ … Please be assured that Selina’s longstanding connection to Batman has not been forgotten; that is not how bisexuality (or humanity) works.’

Catwoman was first introduced 75 years ago in Batman #1 and she has had a complicated relationship with Batman from the beginning. They are enemies in an intense and complex love-hate romantic relationship.

The character was played in the original Batman television series by Eartha Kitt then Julie Newmar while Lee Meriwether portrayed her in a 1966 feature film that starred the TV cast.

On the big screen, Michelle Pfeiffer memorably played the role in Batman Returns in which she made famous use of a large whip. Halle Berry later inhabited the iconic role in the 2004 feature film Catwoman.

More recently, Anne Hathaway portrayed Selina Kyle in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises and a young version of Kyle is played by Camren Bicondova on the current TV series Gotham.