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It’s time to say Grazie Vladimir Luxuria to Sochi’s trans hero

It’s time to say Grazie Vladimir Luxuria to Sochi’s trans hero

One brave trans woman has stood up to Russia’s gay hate in Sochi, and it’s time to say thank you.

Vladimir Luxuria’s story has spread worldwide after she defied the Russian authorities at the Olympics and openly spoke out for LGBTI people.

Luxuria was arrested the first time for waving a rainbow flag. Undeterred, she made a stand again shortly after her release, showing up to an ice hockey match in a rainbow headdress and was arrested again.

Now the LGBTI activists in Berlin tending the Rainbow Flame – an alternative to the Russian Olympic flame – wants you to say thank you in Italian to her… posting ‘Grazie Vladimir Luxuria’ on your Facebook status.

Alfonso Pantisano, of Enough is Enough, is one of the friends behind the Rainbow Flame and an Italian.

He told GSN: ‘It is a symbolic gesture to say thank you to her and to everyone else who is showing solidarity in Sochi and elsewhere at this time.

‘Italy has a very, very homophobic environment at the moment. The comments under regular newspaper articles reporting about Luxuria having been arrested are just horrific.

‘As an Italian but especially as a human being I am ashamed of people who speak out in such horrible ways. Because Luxuria could be their sister, their colleague, their friend.

‘She needs support and so does everyone else who has the courage to stand up and defend human rights.’

Meanwhile Enough is Enough has also released a video of their new song, Love Is Not For Propaganda. Proceeds will got to help LGBTI Russians. You can watch it here: