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Jack White responds after two women stopped from kissing at his concert

Jack White responds after two women stopped from kissing at his concert

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The former lead singer of The White Stripes said he was ‘disappointed’ an usher stopped two women kissing at his concert.

Jack White performed at the Rogers Place arena in Edmonton, Canada on Friday night.

During his performance of Seven Nation Army the women started kissing. But an usher came over and told them to stop. The usher also allegedly placed her hand between the two women to make them to stop.

‘I embraced my girlfriend, and some staff member came in between us, and she said, “This is not allowed here,’ said Allyson MacIvor, one of the women kissing at the concert,’ told CBC.

‘It was very violating and invasive,” MacIvor said. “It’s not something I’d ever imagine experiencing, honestly.’

The usher took them to her manager and told them, ‘they were kissing at their seats during the encore, which is inappropriate sexual behaviour’.

The manager ended up apologizing ‘profusely’ to MacIvor.

‘First time that I announced to the world that I was gay’

MacIvor is a professional musician who occasionally plays with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. She posted on Facebook to tell people what happened. She also came out in the Facebook post.

‘It’s a professional platform, so I always hesitated to do that, and this was actually the first time that I announced to the world that I was gay,’ she said.

The musician couldn’t believe she had faced that discrimination in 2018.

‘The arena staff were very apologetic, as I wrote an incident report, with tears in my eyes, realizing we still live in a world where I have to watch my back as a “gay” woman, and apparently, I still have to watch whom I kiss, even at Rogers Place,’ MacIvor wrote on Facebook.

Jack White responds

White responded to the incident saying he dedicated the song, Love Interruption, to the women at his following concert.

‘It’s 2018 now and two people expressing affection shouldn’t have to hide,’ he wrote on Instagram.

‘The news that two women were stopped from kissing during my show in Edmonton really disappointed me.’

He continued: ‘At the next show in Calgary I dedicated the song ‘Love Interruption’ to the two women and encouraged everyone in the crowd to kiss their loved ones.”

‘Let’s promote love and acceptance wherever and whenever we can.’

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