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Jaden Smith’s environmental organization to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan

Jaden Smith’s environmental organization to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan

Jaden Smith poses with eco friendly water bottles from his environmental organization, JUST

Gender-fluid fashion icon Jaden Smith is doing his part to help those affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Working with his environmental organization, JUST, and First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, there are plans to deploy a mobile filtration systems known as The Water Box.

Flint’s Water Crisis

In 2014, a lead contamination in the water pipes of Flint, Michigan became national news. In 2016, a national emergency was declared in Flint and residents were advised to only use bottled water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The replacement of lead pipes in Flint is ongoing. Over four years later, the city still does not have clean water.

The First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has distributed over five million bottles of water since 2014. But according to CBS News Detroit, bottled water donations are in decline.

20-year-old Smith’s organization, JUST, partnered with the First Trinity Church on designing and engineering The Water Box system. This system will filter and reduce the amount of lead and other contaminants from Flint’s water supply.

JUST also produces its own sustainable bottled water, with 100% recyclable material used for its containers.

Social Media Reactions

Many on Twitter were not only happy about Smith’s efforts for Flint, but wondering why it isn’t getting the same amount of media attention as other recent celebrity stories.

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