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Jaguar F-Pace is a comfortable and flexible SUV for any LGBTI family

Jaguar F-Pace is a comfortable and flexible SUV for any LGBTI family

Jaguar F-Pace driving in the countryside.

Jaguar F-Pace is a sporty SUV that’s fun to drive, and the moment you sit in the driver’s seat it feels like a luxury vehicle.

But underneath that lovely exterior is a car that is as practical as it is beautiful.

We took the Jaguar F-Pace on a camping trip and round urban London to get a feel for it. And it is a car that does not disappoint on more fronts than you might expect.

It drives how it looks

Jaguar F-Pace driving on a dual carriageway.
The Jaguar F-Pace is a pleasure to drive.

We had the R-Sport, 2.0 litre automatic. And as you would expect from a Jaguar it responds to the lightest touch.

From and standstill to high-speed, acceleration was seamless and smooth. For driving around a busy city you felt confident the F-Pace respond quickly. And on the motorway you felt safe accelerating and being able to slow down in good time.

As an SUV, it took bumps in the road in its step. Driving over rough ground was comfortable and didn’t throw passengers around.

This is a long car, though, and you can feel it on some of the tight turns in country lanes or when making difficult maneuvers. However, the mirrors and the sensors all over help you feel a little more confident about moving the F-Pace into that tight parking space.

Gadgets aplenty

And it is those technological elements that really shine on the Jaguar F-Pace.

There’s plenty to help the driver. The usual stuff is there, excellent parking sensors and a rear view camera with parking guide.

Different driving modes that feel different whether you’re using them on the right terrain or not, and feel like they make a difference when you are.

The heads up display is great for letting you see the road and your speed. And the satnav instructions that appear don’t distract while sending you the right way.

The main front console is a little more basic than other cars, and not as intuitive for those less technically inclined. But, once you have the hang of it getting music hooked up and playing with all the functions is nice and easy.

On top of all that, there are some hidden gems. One of the best being the tow bar that pops out with a push of a button and then secrets itself away again when you’re done with it.

A little luxury on the inside

Not only does the interior have plenty of space, but the seats are comfortable and luxurious upholstered with leather.

There’s good space, both shoulder and leg, for rear passengers. And going away on a trip with a full car is easy with a boot capacity of 650 litres. We managed all our camping gear, rucksacks and deck chairs, with space to bring a few goodies back.

It is a bit more comfortable for the riders at the front. The seats are fully adjustable, and a little keypad lets you save your favourite positions.

All in all, passengers are going to feel ready and raring to go after a long journey in the F-Pace.

Comfort and shine

Jaguar F-Pace parked on a campsite.
The Jaguar F-Pace great for a camping trip.

The Jaguar F-Pace will set you back £36,520 for the basic model, but this still comes with everything that makes this a comfortable and joyful drive. And all the gizmos to make it worth your while.

The diesel will do about 53.3 miles to the gallon and possibly a bit better in the economy mode.

So if you looking for something fun, comfortable and a little luxurious for the whole family to fit in and enjoy, then this SUV should be high on your list.

You can find out about the Jaguar F-Pace and look at what options work best for you here.

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