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Jamaican cross-dressing teen ‘chopped and stabbed’ to death by mob

Jamaican cross-dressing teen ‘chopped and stabbed’ to death by mob

A Jamaican cross-dressing teen was ‘chopped and stabbed’ to death by a mob last night (22 July).

The 17-year-old was dressed as a woman and dancing with another guy at a party in St James.

At the party by the river, a woman recognized the teen as a male and told other people.

According to local media reports, one of the men ‘held onto the teen, searched him and discovered that he was in fact, male’.

The teen became a victim of the baying mob, stabbing him and ‘chopping’ him up to death.

The rest of his body was dumped in bushes.

Police discovered the body at around 5am this morning, and have said they will increase their presence in the Irwin community.

It is a similar story to last year when two men were savagely attacked for having sex in a university toilet in Jamaica.

Maurice Tomlinson, an LGBT rights advocate, said: ‘The Jamaican religious right keeps claiming all attacks are gay on gay violence. They even have the police say this is foolishness.

‘The Jamaican government refuses to show leadership on the issue of human rights of LGBT people.’

In Jamaica, sex between two men is illegal and punishable for up to 10 years imprisonment at hard labor.

When Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller took over in 2012, she had promised to repeal the homophobic law passed in 1864.. After pressure from religious groups, she backed down.

Omar Kuddus, LGBT and human rights campaigner, told Gay Star News: ‘This recent incident shows the need for Javed Jaghai’s (who is an outreach worker for the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays), constitutional challenge to the country’s anti-sodomy law to succeed at the next hearing set for early October.

‘The antiquated  colonial law still in force cannot be justified and it is time that the Jamaican government pays heed to the UNs stance that LGBT rights must be respected and religion separated from central governmental polices on its citizens rights.’

In the past year alone, there have been nine confirmed homophobic and transphobic killings.