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Jamaican ‘Harlem Shake’ calls for all gays to be jailed

Jamaican ‘Harlem Shake’ calls for all gays to be jailed

While the majority of ‘Harlem Shake’ videos have been harmless, one has taken the craze to a very homophobic place.

In a video uploaded at the weekend (9 March), a Jamaican contribution the viral sensation compares gay people to pedophiles, and ‘zoophiles’ – meaning people who like to have sex with animals.

Urging gay people be imprisoned for showing affection in public, the video is in response to local efforts to repeal the so-called ‘Buggery Law’.

The Love March Movement, a Jamaican group ‘dedicated to representing Christ’s view on sexual sin’, including homosexuality, is reportedly behind the clip.

The group’s president Daniel Thomas says in the description to the video it is important to keep the anti-gay law because it will protect Jamaica from ‘death and destruction’.

 ‘[The buggery law] is the law preventing children of all ages from being taught that homosexuality is normal behavior; this being a serious concern especially for parents that disagree,’ he says.

Thomas says pedophilia, zoophilia would also be concerning, because if gay people had equality then pedophiles and zoophiles would also want equality.

He also argued Jamaica would lose the freedom of speech and religion, saying homophobes could be sued and lose their jobs if gay people are not marginalized.

To conclude, Thomas says: ‘All in all, we are protecting the nation from death and destruction, the fruits of the secularist, homosexual agenda.’

In Jamaica, any male convicted of the ‘abominable crime of buggery’ is liable to be imprisoned and sentenced to hard labor for up to ten years.

Check out the video below: