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Jameela Jamil apologizes for leaving trans people ‘out of the conversation’

Jameela Jamil apologizes for leaving trans people ‘out of the conversation’

Jameela Jamil

The Good Place actor and body positivity activist Jameela Jamil apologized on Twitter for leaving transgender people ‘out of the conversation’ while discussing body image and transformation.

According to Nylon, Jamil apologized for the now-deleted tweet after getting into a back-and-forth with Azealia Banks.

It started when Jamil tweeted that bleaching and whitening creams should be banned.

Banks hit back, writing: ‘Sis… you obviously use some sort of “brightening” serum or nighttime repair product with skin lightening ingredients because your face is lighter than your body. You don’t realize that a lot of the things you tweet come off as judgmental.’

A few days later, Jamil responded. She said that a person’s to change ‘your eyes, hair, skin colour, body’ is one’s personal choice but that it ‘comes from some deep self hating programming’.

She reportedly also mentioned surgery, because she specifically apologized for that in her tweet.

Jameela Jamil apologizes on Twitter
Jamil’s apology tweet | Photo: Twitter @jameelajamil

‘Deleted my Azealia Banks tweet because someone rightfully pointed out that my claiming extreme surgical and cosmetic transformation could be self hating, left trans people out of the conversation,’ she wrote in the tweet.

‘Totally true. Didn’t think of that. Blind spot revealed. Will be more careful. ❤️’

Transgender people can choose to have gender confirmation surgery or other medical procedures to live in the body they are most comfortable in.

Studies have shown that these medical procedures can be necessary for people living with gender dysphoria. This distress of living in a gendered body that a person does not identify with can lead to both psychological and biological consequences.

Taking responsibility

Many people replied to Jamil’s apology positively, applauding her for listening and taking responsibility.

Jamil responded to someone, writing she’s ‘trying to learn up on all marginalized groups as quick as I can’.

Jamil has never been shy about expressing her thoughts on Twitter.

She recently got into a feud with Piers Morgan after she called him out for mocking Sam Smith for coming out as non-binary.

Following Karl Lagerfeld’s death, she also questioned Cara Delevingne from defending and supporting him.

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