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James Blunt defends making ‘anti-gay joke’ about ‘dropping the soap’

James Blunt defends making ‘anti-gay joke’ about ‘dropping the soap’

James Blunt is being accused of homophobia after making a joke about picking up the soap in the shower around Conservative MPs.

The ‘You’re Beautiful’ singer made the old ‘joke’ about this week’s New Statesman cover featuring Blunt among the Eton crowd of politicians such as David Cameron and Boris Johnson and actors like Benedict Cumberbatch.

The lead story is: ‘The class ceiling – From pop to politics, does it pay to be posh?’

Blunt tweeted the cover, saying: ‘I won’t be picking up the soap when this party moves to the showers.’

He received condemnation online, with one user saying: ‘Just when I thought James Blunt couldn’t be any more repugnant, he manages to put homophobia and a rape joke together.’

But then another defended it, saying: ‘If a gay man said don’t drop the soap, no one would bat an eyelid. Calm down gays. Leave James Blunt alone.’

Blunt responded to the criticisms today (30 January), saying: ‘And in today’s PC news, jokes about public school boys rogering each other are OFF! Even if we did.’

A spokesperson for Stonewall, UK’s gay campaigning charity, said: ‘Although James might have been joking, it’s this sort of language that perpetuates negative stereotypes around gay men and gets deemed as acceptable as it becomes ingrained in society.’

Earlier this month, Blunt called gay MP Chris Bryant a ‘classist gimp’ and ‘prejudiced wazzock’ after the politician said pop culture was filled with too many posh people who attended public school.