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James Franco’s Sal Mineo biopic finally gets a release

James Franco’s Sal Mineo biopic finally gets a release

James Franco’s directorial telling of the final day in the life of 50’s teen idol Sal Mineo, one of the first openly gay actors in Hollywood, is finally getting a release two years after it premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Mineo rose to fame alongside actor James Dean and was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in the film Rebel Without A Cause in 1955 was also nominated for his role in the 1960 film Exodus but fell out of favor in Hollywood after revealing his sexuality.

Franco’s film tells the story of Mineo’s final day before being stabbed to death in 1976 in an apparently random stabbing.

Franco not only directed the film but co-wrote it with screenwriters Stacey Miller, Vince Jolivette and actor Val Lauren – who also plays Mineo in the film.

Franco plays a supporting role in the film as director and acting coach Milton Katselas.

Sal is not the first film with gay themes that Franco has directed.

Others include Interior, Leather Bar which reimagines 40 minutes that was cut from the Al Pacino film Cruising in which Val Lauren also appears, and The Broken Column – a highly avant garde biography of gay American poet Hart Crane who killed himself at the age of 32 by jumping off the steamship SS Orizaba in 1932.

Franco famously played James Dean in a 2001 telemovie about the making of Rebel Without a Cause.

Watch the trailer below.