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James Franco claims Keegan Allen stuffed his speedo for King Cobra

James Franco claims Keegan Allen stuffed his speedo for King Cobra

James Franco stars in King Cobra

James Franco spilled some on-set secrets about his King Cobra co-star Keegan Allen.

‘I’m going to bust him a little bit – Keegan stuffed his speedo,’ Franco said Friday (21 October) during an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show.

In the film, Franco and Allen play lovers who are cash-strapped gay porn producers.

Since many of their scenes are set in the world of porn, they often are wearing little more than a speedo and sometimes less.

‘Shop, gym, tan – that’s all our characters do,’ Franco says.

‘A lot of our scenes were lifting weights, tanning and we’re in these like skimpy speedos. I had no problem with it.’

But did have a problem when it came time for him to put a ‘sock’ over his private parts for a sex scene.

‘I asked for my sock and they’rte like, “No, Keegan took ALL of them, not just one.”‘

The result was a rather full basket for Allen.

‘Look at the movie, he’s got the biggest bulge and I know for a fact he stuffed it.’

Franco and Allen share some love scenes in the film that are fairly explicit.

‘I had no problem with the love scenes,’ he said.

In the film, the pair will do anything – even commit murder – to get porn headliner Sean Paul Lockhart (a.k.a. Brent Corrigan) out of his contract with the producer who made him famous.

The ripped-from-the-headlines drama also stars Christian Slater as the producer and one-time Disney star Garrett Clayton undergoes a major image change as he plays Corrigan.

Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald are also in the cast of the film written and director by Justin Kelly.