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Janet Mock, Russell Brand and more condemn Bruce Jenner InTouch cover

Janet Mock, Russell Brand and more condemn Bruce Jenner InTouch cover

For a magazine named InTouch, its latest cover seems extremely out of touch.

The current issue of US celebrity gossip magazine InTouch has a photoshopped version of Bruce Jenner on the cover.

Jenner, former gold Olympic medallist but best known as the stepfather of US socialite Kim Kardashian, appears on the cover with lipstick and in women’s clothing. The headline reads: ‘Bruce’s Story: My life as a woman.’

First, the internet responded. It has since been revealed Jenner’s face was superimposed onto a photo of British actress and Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham.

Now, celebrities and advocates have slammed the cover, calling the magazine ‘wrong’ and the image of Jenner ‘offensive.’

Janet Mock, US trans author, journalist and activist, has said she finds the cover highly offensive.

Speaking on her new web series called ‘So popular! With Janet Mock’ on MSNBC, Mock sat down to talk about the ‘shockingly insensitive’ cover.

‘The story is pure speculation,’ she says.

‘This cover is the latest in a long line of public speculation regarding the Olympian’s gender identity which has been under the media’s glare since 2009 when Family Guy made Jenner’s gender and genitals a punch line.

‘The Jenner gender speculation is a modern day freak show. It spreads the misconception that being trans is laughable.

‘By publishing this cover, InTouch weekly tells its 400,000 readers that it is acceptable to assume someone’s gender, scrutinize their body and publicly shame them in the process.

‘It is this destructive thinking that pushes trans people deeper into isolation. It is this thinking that leads many to justify the disproportionate violence trans women of color face. It is this thinking that convinces a 17-year-old girl that her only option for peace is to leap in front of a truck.

‘Nothing is wrong, absolutely nothing is wrong, or laughable about being tans.

‘What’s wrong is magazine aiming to humiliate someone by labelling them trans women as if being trans and being a woman is an insult.

‘Here’s a headline: Bruce Jenner is whoever Bruce Jenner says he is.’

UK comedian Russell Brand also weighed in on the controversy with his video ‘Is it OK to bully Bruce Jenner?’

‘It’s such a celebration of the worst aspects of human values,’ he said about the way TMZ, and other US media outlets, handled the story.

‘It sanctions people judgemental and cruel towards transgender folk. This is mainstream media: the established form of communication and judgement.

‘This is bullying. Stop! Bruce Jenner is a human being!

And, of course, social media was quick to let InTouch know what they thought of the cover.

‘So sad that you people need to perpetuate completely bogus and unfounded gossip. #NeverBuyingInTouchWeekly,’ tweeted T.M. Singleton.

‘I hope you guys get sued. You are a trash, transphobic publication,’ said another Twitter user.

‘Your magazine is toxic waste & every person who works for your magazine (yes you too) actively makes the world a worse place,’ tweeted Jasmine Attfield.

Watch a clip of Russell Brand discussing the media treatment of Jenner.