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Japan high schoolers swap uniforms for ‘Sex Change Day’

Japan high schoolers swap uniforms for ‘Sex Change Day’

A Japanese high school held a ‘Sexchange day’ last week in order to a teach students how to see beyond their gender.

Nearly 300 students at Fuji Hokuryo High School in Yamanashi Prefecture on Tuesday (11 November) exchanged uniforms with classmates of the opposite sex and attended classes as usual.

Participation was optional nearly 40% of all students or 299 students – 117 boys and 182 girls – took part in the exchange, which was proposed by the students themselves after learning that some people are rejected for their gender identity.

‘This is a project for students to observe things differently’ without being bound by their gender, Hirofumi Miyashita, the school’s vice principal, told the Wall Street Journal.

He said the school is still summing up a survey of how students felt about the day but boys complained that it was cold wearing a skirt.