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Japan politician urged to resign after calling gays ‘abnormal animals’

Japan politician urged to resign after calling gays ‘abnormal animals’

Masumi Tsurusashi, vice-chair of the Ebina municipal assembly.

A local government in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan is demanding one of its assemblymen resign for calling gay people ‘abnormal animals.’

Ebina municipal assembly passed a non-binding resolution Thursday (3 December) accusing Masumi Tsurusashi of damaging the dignity of the assembly with his discriminatory remarks.

Tsurusashi, 71, apologized and offered to give up his pay for December in penance, but has refused to resign.

On Sunday night, he tweeted that the media should not report on LGBTI people, whom he called ‘abnormal animals.’

Tsurusashi told reporters that he made the comments in response to a survey that found 51.1% of Japanese people supported gay marriage, and that he was drunk at the time.

He later deleted the tweets after a storm of criticism.

In an apology letter to the assembly chairman, Tsurusashi vowed to ‘atone by vigorously pushing forward activities as an assembly member, deepening understanding of LGBT issues and rendering a service for citizens through political activities.’