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Japan requires schools to help gay students

Japan requires schools to help gay students

The Japanese education ministry has issued a document to schools and the education board requiring educational institutions give attention and support to LGBTI students.

Local media reports that LGBTI students are often abused and bullied on Japanese campuses, while experts and scholars are recommending schools carry out effective responses earlier to prevent suicide.

But current measures are limited to laws on ‘homosexual disorder.’

The document noted that students with ‘homosexual disorder’ usually had low self-esteem and always tried to hide their sexual orientation, which also carried a heavy mental burden. Therefore, teachers should listen attentively to the worries and anxieties of these students, it said.

Specific support measures will be included in the annual plan for human rights education. They will include : introducing the subject at school training and staff meetings, not carrying out one-sided investigations or passing negative judgment, and giving reminders in cases where parents do not know or are not accepting of their child’s sexuality.

The Ministry of Education said the document was only for reference and specific measures could be drafted according to the situation in each school.