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Japan TV to air first lesbian drama

Japan TV to air first lesbian drama

Transit Girls will premiere on 7 November.

Japanese TV will air the conservative country’s first lesbian drama next month.

Transit Girls, which will premiere on 7 November, tells the story of two young women, aged 18 and 21, who become stepsisters when their parents get married. The two girls clash at first but love slowly forms between them.

Fuji Television has billed the show as ‘a heartwarming straightforward love story, but the main characters are both girls.’

And a promotional poster for the eight-part series features the two lead actresses lying naked in bed with each other – which Maki Muraki, the leader of an LGBTI nonprofit, believes sends the wrong message.

‘Having two girls lying naked on a white sheet and using words like “forbidden” is a little out of date, I think,’ she told The Japan Times.

‘The things we do are not about sex. We face a lot of difficulties in our life, for example in the workplace. To be told that the image of us is one of sex doesn’t make me happy.’

Muraki compared Japanese TV with US shows such as Modern Family, which she said were years ahead in their portrayal of LGBTI people.

‘Rather than being sexual, it shows LGBT people in their everyday lives and that’s a positive force. If it’s just about sex, I can’t think of that as positive,’ she said.