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Jealous calls for LGBT and civil rights groups to work together

Jealous calls for LGBT and civil rights groups to work together

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, a LGBT rights organization, is holding a four day summit in Baltimore, Maryland.

Called the Creating Change conference,  Ben Jealous, the president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, was its keynote speaker.

The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States.

Jealous called for civil rights and LGBT organizations to rally around common causes.

'Unfortunately, the national media tends to exaggerate divisions between civil rights and LGBT institutions,' Jealous said as reported by the Root. 'But more damaging than the media's failure to recognize our common struggles is our own failure to come together on issues of common interest.'

Jealous has been instrumental in knocking down doors concerning black and LGBT rights. In September 2010, he was the first NAACP  sitting head to speak at the LGBT Community Center in New York City.

In July 2009 the civil rights group instituted its own LGBT Equality Task Force, in conjunction with the National Black Justice Coalition. Last year at its annual conference there was an LGBT town hall, a first in the association's history. Comedian Wanda Sykes and CNN anchor Don Lemon participated.