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LGBTI activists threatened for unfurling Pride flags in Jerusalem

LGBTI activists threatened for unfurling Pride flags in Jerusalem

A Pride flag at the Jerusalem Pride parade in 2012.

Homophobic vandals have painted a vile graffiti in Jerusalem on a building where activists have flown a rainbow flag.

The building is located in the neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev in East Jerusalem. Activists of LGBTI advocacy group Jerusalem Open House of Pride and Tolerance unfurled Pride flags from two apartments in the complex.

Jerusalem Open House provides the LGBTI community with important services, such as anonymous HIV testing at the OpenClinic. They also offer mental health counseling, educational workshops, and weekly support groups. Moreover, they organize the annual Pride march.

The homophobic message

According to, anti-LGBTI vandals targeted the building and wrote a homophobic message.

‘Fucking gays take down your flag so we will not burn you,’ the graffiti in Hebrew reads.

The activists’ reaction

Activists took to their Facebook page to express their outrage at the incident.

‘In the city where Shira Banki was stabbed to death in 2015 at the Pride and Tolerance Parade in Jerusalem, they spray-painted a vile graffiti against us today,’ they wrote, referring to the brutal murder of 16-year-old Banki at Jerusalem Pride three years ago.

The city is about to elect a new mayor.

‘The day before the elections, it makes it clear to us more than ever how important it is for us to vote in droves because we are not going anywhere.’

Furthermore, they wrote: ‘Jerusalem is our home, and we expect the next mayor to condemn such hate crimes with a clear voice and to take effective preventive measures, such as genuine education for tolerance and pluralism.’

*שתפו בכל הכוח**לא נכנעות ללהט"בפוביה – הולכים להצביע!*בעיר שבה נרצחה שירה בנקי ז"ל בדקירות סכין ב-2015, במצעד הגאווה…

Posted by ‎הבית הפתוח בירושלים לגאווה ולסובלנות‎ on Monday, 29 October 2018

It’s the second anti-LGBTI crime in a week in Israel

The incident comes less than a week after vandals defaced a Tel Aviv monument with the message ‘death to LGBTIs’.

The monument dedicated to the LGBTI victims of the Holocaust is located in Meir Park. It has a pink triangular shape, evoking the pink triangles the LGBTI community members needed to attach to their prisoner uniforms in concentration camps.

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