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Jerusalem Pride killer sentenced to life in prison

Jerusalem Pride killer sentenced to life in prison

Jerusalem pride killer sentenced to life in prison

Yishai Schlissel was sentenced to life in prison on Sunday for killing a teenage girl and stabbing five more at Jerusalem Pride last year.

Schlissel, an ultra-orthodox Jew now faces life in prison plus an additional 31 years. The Jerusalem District Court also ordered Schlissel to pay compensation to the victim’s families.

In the attack he stabbed six people with a kitchen knife, fatally injuring Shira Banki, 16, who later died in hospital.

The attack happened last year just three weeks after his release from prison where he had served a 10 year sentence for a previous attack at the pride parade in Jerusalem in 2005.

The director of Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, Sarah Kala-Meir, said in a press release: ‘The verdict given today is yet another milestone in our fight against hatred, violence and darkness towards LGTBQ community. Unfortunately, Schlissel’s term of imprisonment cannot heal our open bleeding wounds, nor bring back to life Shira Banki.’

‘Having said that, we derive comfort from the court’s acknowledgment in the need to condemn people like Schlissel from our society, a major step towards a better world.’

Kala_Meir added: ‘Stand with us as we support Shira’s family and loved ones in attendance at the march. The LGBTQ community of Jerusalem will honor Shira Banki, the victims of Orlando, and victims of violence and homophobia around the globe.’ The parade is scheduled for 21 July.