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Jesse Tyler Ferguson announces engagement

Jesse Tyler Ferguson announces engagement

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson announced his engagement to lawyer Justin Mikita Wednesday (19 September) via YouTube in a video that also announced the couple’s new non-profit organization benefiting LGBT equality.

‘It’s true, I popped the big Q,’ the Emmy-nominated actor said.

Mikita, sitting next to Ferguson on a sofa excitedly told viewers: ‘I said yes!’

Ferguson, 36, and Mikita, 27, have been dating for nearly two years. Ferguson joked that before he could call Mikita his fiance, he didn’t know whether to refer to him as ‘my lover, my partner, my boyfriend, my fella, my concubine, my young ward, my roommate, my best friend.’

On a more serious note, he added: ‘We’re just like millions of Americans who are denied the basic civil right to marry the person that we love.’

The couple also announced the formation of their newly-created foundation Tie the Knot which will raise money for various organizations fighting for LGBT equal rights.

They have teamed with Tie Bar to create a collection of bowties inspired by art and fashion. Proceeds from the ties go to the foundation.

Said Ferguson: ‘Suit up and tie the knot so one day we can too.’

The couple did not announce a date for their wedding but at the beginning of the video, Ferguson reminds viewers which US states allow gay marriage: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont as well as Washington DC.