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Jesse Tyler Ferguson talks about sharing a hot tub with David Beckham

Jesse Tyler Ferguson talks about sharing a hot tub with David Beckham

  • Beckham got into the hot tub with Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Courtney Cox.
Jesse Tyler-Ferguson in a hot tub

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has said he was ‘very excited’ to be in a hot tub with David Beckham.

It all happened when Beckham visited the set of Modern Family, the LGBT+ inclusive comedy.

While there he shared a hot tub with gay actor Ferguson, his on-screen husband Eric Stonestreet and Courteney Cox.

Ferguson, 44, talked about the moment with Ellen guest host Sean Hayes.

Moreover he reveals he is naked a lot more than usual in the final season of Modern Family which is currently being filmed.

But he said the fact that the 11-series show is ending is ‘very emotional’

‘I’m not dealing with it in a great way. I think I’m like repressing my feelings about it and it sneaks up in weird ways.’

Meeting the Beckhams

Actually Ferguson says he ‘kind of knew’ the Beckhams before they visited the Modern Family set.

He said: ‘I ran into him and his wife Victoria Beckham outside a SoulCycle class.’

The couple revealed to him they were ‘huge fans of the show’. And Ferguson replied by saying ‘if you ever want to come visit the set, take my number’.

Jesse and Victoria were texting within minutes and she asked for them to come visit the next day.

Ferguson said: ‘I was hosting them on the set and everyone was like “The Beckhams are here. Have you heard the Beckhams are here?” And I was like, “Yeah, they’re my guests.”’

After that, he said, he felt comfortable with Beckham in the hot tub.

Real-life gay dad

Moreover, Ferguson also talked about being a new dad soon with his real-life partner. The actor married lawyer Justin Mikita in 2013.

He said: ‘It’s tricker with a gay couple because you can’t just try. You have to like really try. It’s a process and we’ve been in the process for like a year and a half.’

In turn, Ferguson asked Sean Hayes if he and his partner Scott Icenogle want kids. Hayes replied they hadn’t ‘100%’ decided.