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Jessie J: ‘I’m not bisexual anymore, I’m straight’

Jessie J: ‘I’m not bisexual anymore, I’m straight’

British pop star Jessie J has said since coming out as bisexual three years ago, she realises now that was a ‘phase’.

The 26-year-old singer spoke out on Twitter about how she felt pressure to be someone she’s not.

She said: ‘Remember the thing that you tried/did back in the day. The phase you had? That is so not YOU anymore?! And you look back and think wow how I’ve changed.

‘Something that you don’t even talk about or want to talk about anymore. Because you’ve moved on? That was just part of you growing up? Discovering yourself and working out what you liked and disliked…. Remember?

‘I have those too. Yet I’ve noticed some people hold onto mine because they were blogged and put into the media.

‘I have felt under pressure since being famous to be what some people want me to be for them! I have learnt that the hard way. It’s too much!

‘[People] can change. As they should. And I have changed and grown up ALOT, and that’s allowed. And I feel more comfortable in my own skin now than ever before. We all are on a journey and I refuse to feel boxed and judged because of how I felt once!’

One fan asked the ‘Who You Are’ singer to get ‘straight to the point’ and explain what she was saying.

‘I only fancy/date/love men and only men,’ Jessie J said. ‘Is that “straight to the point” enough?’