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Jessie J says being bi makes her happy

UK pop singer Jessie J says she will 'never' apologize for being bisexual

Jessie J says being bi makes her happy

Jessie J says being bisexual makes her happy and doesn't want to hide it.

The Domino singer said she is proud of her sexuality and will 'never' apologize for being bi.

She said: 'For me, I want it to be less about sexuality and more about being comfortable in who you fall in love with.'

'If I meet someone and I like them, I don't care if they're a boy or a girl. You should never, ever apologize for anything that makes you happy.

'The frustrating thing is that if I was with a guy right now, I'd be [considered] straight. But If I was with a girl, I'd be gay.'

The Voice coach said it's thanks to her parents that she is so comfortable with herself and never tried to 'suppress' her.

'You know what it is? I have such an amazing mom and dad who have been married for 32 years and my sisters always made me feel like I was amazing,' the Londoner told US Glamour magazine.

'No one ever tried to suppress who I wanted to be. I never got embarrassed.

'Even last night, at the after-party, me and my dad were up dancing when no one else was. I think the best way to have confidence is not to allow everyone else's insecurities to be your own.'

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