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Jessie J writing a musical to inspire kids

British bisexual pop star and Voice talent show judge Jessie J wants to return to her roots with stage show

Jessie J writing a musical to inspire kids

British bisexual pop sensation Jessie J wants to finish writing her musical – designed to inspire kids.

The singer – who was cast in Andrew Lloyd Webber, the West End and Broadway king’s hit Whistle Down the Wind as a child – wants to return to her roots and has started working on her own stage show.

She said: ‘I would love to do musicals. That is what I trained in. I’ve started writing one but it’s kind of been put to the side.’

Jessie – who was diagnosed with a heart condition as a child and suffered a stroke at 18 – wants the show to inspire youngsters to achieve their dreams.

Explaining the script, she told the Radio Times: ‘It’s about life and feeling good. It’s about time there’s something on stage that kids can go to and come out thinking they can take on the world and do something with their life if they’re in a bad place.’

Now working as a ‘coach’ on BBC talent show The Voice, where singers are selected without being seen by the judges, Jessie believes the tough love of one of her teachers helped her become a star, and insists she wants to do the same for her contestants on the show.

She said: ‘I’m the most critical because I remember what it takes to make it. I used to have a teacher who made me cry. She said she was tough on me because she knew I had potential.’

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