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Jewish organization to give Caitlyn Jenner champion award at gala

Jewish organization to give Caitlyn Jenner champion award at gala

Caitlyn Jenner

asA Jewish organization is giving Caitlyn Jenner a major award at an upcoming gala.

The World Values Network (WVN) is holding their Sixth Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala. It will take place in New York City on 8 March.

Their mission is to ‘disseminate universal Jewish values in politics, culture, and media, making the Jewish people a light unto the nations’. The gala, more specifically, honors individuals who defend human rights and democracies.

WVN is giving Jenner the Champion of Israel and LGBTQ Rights Award.

A great friend of the Jewish people

The organization describes Jenner as a ‘sincere supporter of the State of Israel’.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, known as ‘America’s Rabbi’, also gave a statement about choosing Jenner as their recipient.

‘Israel is a bastion of global human rights and a great light to the nations. But the Middle East is sadly a cesspit of human rights abuses, especially toward LGBTQ citizens who are routinely murdered, beheaded, and even hung from cranes,’ he said.

‘Caitlyn Jenner, a great friend of the Jewish people and Israel, is uniquely suited to highlight Israel’s incredible record on human rights and LGBTQ rights and protection to the LGBTQ citizens which is utterly unique and unprecedented in the Middle East. I believe her remarks will have a global impact, especially as we celebrate 70 years of Israel as the Middle East’s only democracy.’

In 1993, Israel offered protections for the rights of transgender soldiers.

Other honorees

Other honorees at this year’s gala include former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White.

In the past, WVN honored the likes of Senator Cory Booker, Sean Penn, Ben Kingsley, as well as more.