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A Jewish school ‘removed references to homosexuals’ from its GCSE textbooks

A Jewish school ‘removed references to homosexuals’ from its GCSE textbooks

Jewish school censors homosexuality from textbooks

A Jewish school in North London, England, has admitted to removing parts of a GCSE textbook that mention ‘homosexuals’.

Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls in Stamford Hill covered words referring to homosexuality and examples of women socialising with men.

The school has said it is nothing new, and is doing so to protect girls at the school from sexualisation, as according to ‘parents wishes’, reports The Guardian.

The textbooks covered text and images including Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger Rogers.

Parts were redacted from Understanding the Modern World, one of the exam board AQA’s GCSE history resources, including homosexuality in the Nazi belief system as well as censoring images of women.

Jewish school’s policy ‘has nothing to do with homophobia or misogyny’

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Stamford Hill school has redacted references from curriculum textbooks

Charity Humanists UK described the censorship as ‘shocking’.

Campaign manager Jay Harman said: ‘Ofsted has said schools that take this approach, ignoring different sexual orientations and the beliefs of groups [then they] are not meeting their obligation under the Equality Act.

‘You cannot teach kids to be tolerant to people who are different if you are ignorant of those people.’

Meanwhile the school defended its position by stating their policy ‘had nothing to do homophobia or misogyny’.

‘We want to protect our girls from sexualisation in line with our parents’ wishes and religious beliefs,’ said a spokesperson.

Gay Star News has  reached out to Yesodey Hatorah School for comment.

In June 2017 a another school in the Orthodox commniy faced closure for refusing to teach pupils about homosexual issues.

The Vishnitz Girls School failed their Ofsted inspection refusing to meet government requirements.

Inspectors said the school failed to give ‘a full understanding of fundamental British values.’

By refusing to teach students about sexual orientation, the Jewish school is in breach of equality laws.