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WATCH: Jimmy Fallon calls Orlando shooting ‘a lesson on tolerance’

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon calls Orlando shooting ‘a lesson on tolerance’

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Jimmy Fallon shared his thoughts on the horrific mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which left over a hundred dead and injured.

‘The Tonight Show’ host expressed his grief over the tragedy, and hopes that people would focus on the ideas of freedom and tolerance instead of being angry.

‘This country is built on the idea that we do not all agree on everything. That we are a tolerant, free nation that encourages debate, free thinking, believing, or not, in what we choose,’ he said.

Fallon also talked about how he viewed this incident as a lesson on tolerance:

‘I as a new father am thinking, “How do I tell my kids? What do I tell them about this? What can we learn from this?”

‘What if my kid’s gay? What do I tell them? Maybe there is a lesson from all this — a lesson on tolerance. We need to support each other’s differences and worry less about our own opinions.’

The 41-year-old host added, ‘We need to get back to being brave enough to accept that we have different opinions, and that’s OK! Because that’s what America’s built on. The idea that we can stand up and speak our minds and live our lives and not be punished for that, or mocked on the internet, or killed by someone you don’t know.’

‘This is just one bad guy here,’ he reminded his audience. ’49 good people, and one bad guy. And there will always be more good than evil.’

Fallon ended off with a note of encouragement:

‘When I think of Orlando, I think of nothing but fun, and joy, and families. If anyone can do it, you can. Keep loving each other, keep respecting each other, and keep on dancing.’

Watch his speech here: