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Jinkx Monsoon addresses Willam/RuPaul feud, says who she backs for All Stars 4

Jinkx Monsoon addresses Willam/RuPaul feud, says who she backs for All Stars 4

Jinkx Monsoon | Photo: Alberto Guzman Colon

Jinkx Monsoon has given her view on the feud between RuPaul and Willam.

Willam made headlines last month when she revealed her and Ru’s recent expletive-ridden row in the street over a mutual friend.

Willam went on to make a series of allegations against RuPaul, including that you’re not allowed to look her in the eye or address her on the RPDR set.

‘I have a great relationship with Willam, even if I don’t always agree with how outspoken she is,’ Jinkx tells GSN in a new interview.

Asked if it’s common for Drag Race stars to have different impressions of RuPaul, Jinkx replied: ‘I think you’ve got to look at the difference in the people who are having these different experiences with Ru. That’s not to say anything about Willam’s character. I haven’t heard the podcast, haven’t heard what Willam said.

Willam and RuPaul | Photo: Instagram/willam and RPDR/VH1

‘Willam does speak her mind a lot, and her mind is very opinionated. Willam and I have always gotten along as really good friends, even though we are very different people with different ways of operating and thinking.’

Jinkx is currently visiting the UK on the Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales: The Ginger Snapped tour.

‘I’m just not a cunty bitch’

Further addressing the friction between RuPaul and Willam, Jinkx explained: ‘[Willam and I] have mutual respect because we’re both professionals, and both committed to our work and doing good work and being viable artists. But the way Willam runs her mouth is something I don’t think I’d ever find myself doing.

‘But I think people have different experiences with RuPaul because they give him different energy and he responds. I’ve never had a negative experience with Ru. [Said jokingly, and with a laugh]: but I’m just not a cunty bitch at all! I don’t think I’d bring that out in Ru.

‘I mean, she snapped at me once on the runway because I kept forgetting to wait until they told me I could go back… I’d always be so relieved that I was safe, I’d try to walk immediately away. One time Ru had to say “Jinkx, you’re not listeniiiiiing…!” It put the fear of god in me.’

Jinkx finally added [again, remembered fondly and with a laugh]: ‘I have a great relationship with all my sisters and if any of them think I just called them a “cunty bitch” they can text me and I’ll talk to them about it!’

‘Latrice has always been a really good friend to me’

Speaking about who she’s backing on the upcoming All Stars 4, Jinkx said: ‘Latrice Royale has always been a really good friend to me. So she deserves everything she’s got coming her way.

‘I just did a tour with Monique and Monet, and the two of them are such fierce performers! They’re so loyal as friends and sisters. It’s going to be fun just watching them compete with each other!’

Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales: The Ginger Snapped is on tour across the UK until 9 April. For tickets visit The pair will also headline Shout Festival in Birmingham on 17 November.

Check back for our full interview with Jinkx tomorrow.

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