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JK Rowling directs her fans to shop at an anti-trans merchandise store

JK Rowling directs her fans to shop at an anti-trans merchandise store

  • It comes as her latest novel hits the number one spot in the UK with strong first-week sales.
JK Rowling and some of Wld Woymen's 'Gender Critical' sticker pack

Author JK Rowling has directed her 14.3million Twitter followers to shop from an anti-trans online store.

Rowling, who tweets infrequently these days, posted a photo, presumably of herself, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the logo: ‘This witch doesn’t burn.’ She jokingly added a caption saying, ‘Sometimes a T-shirt just speaks to you…’

She included a link to the online store from where the T-shirt came: Wild Woymen Workshop.

She followed this up with another tweet telling followers not to buy the T-shirt from any other outlets, but to go direct to Wild Woymen. Rowling also tagged the store’s twitter account (@Wild_Womyn) and added the hashtag #supportwomenrunbusinesses

However, even a cursory glance at the Wild Woymen Workshop website reveals it sells a wide range of ‘Gender critical’ merchandise. This includes pins with slogans such as ‘F*ck your pronouns’; ‘Transwomen are men’; ‘Don’t Call Me Cis’ and ‘Female is not a feeling’.

Items on sale on the Wild Woymen website
Items on sale on the Wild Woymen website

There’s also a ‘Gender Critical Activist’ sticker pack, and stickers and pins claiming ‘There’s no such thing as a lesbian with a penis.’ A mug is emblazoned with the slogan, ‘Notorious transphobe’.

JK Rowling’s trans controversy

The ‘This witch doesn’t burn’ message is presumably a response to the online criticism Rowling has faced in recent months after tweeting her thoughts on trans issues.

After previously expressing support for people who have questioned trans rights, Rowling published a 3,700-word essay in June to explain why she had concerns about allowing people to legally self-identify their gender. The UK has been undergoing a public consultation in recent months into its Gender Recognition Act, basically looking at whether it should simplify the legal process of transitioning.

Rowling raised particular concerns around allowing children to self-identify and allowing trans women into women-only spaces.

The gender-critical Wild Woymen

Wild Woymen is run by Angela C. Wild. On the website, she describes herself as a ‘Lesbian feminist, political artist and activist based in the UK. As a Radical Feminist (NOT the fun kind !) I wanted to wear my politics and could not find the kind of messages I was looking for. This is how Wild Womyn Workshop is born: a range of unique and beautifully designed items for radical womyn.’

Twitter has been quick to react, with many of Rowling’s supporters welcoming the tweet and posting favorable comments about the T-shirt.

Others, however, are horrified.

From its official Twitter count, Wild Woymen thanked Rowling for her support. The author responded, saying the store ‘deserve the credit and cash.’

It’s unknown if Rowling was familiar with Wild Woymen’s full range of merchandise she tweeted her support. GSN contacted her representatives, but they declined to comment.

Rowling tops bookseller charts in UK

Rowling has faced criticism over her latest novel, written under her crime fiction pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. Troubled Blood features a male, serial killer character who dresses in women’s clothing.

Many have criticized the character for playing into much-used stereotypes of trans people being a threat to others. However, the controversy does not appear to have harmed Rowling’s sales. It was announced today the book had debuted at the top of the fiction bestseller charts in the UK, selling 65,000 copies in five days. That’s double the number sold by its predecessor in Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series of novels.