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Joan Rivers reveals she recently kissed a woman

Joan Rivers reveals she recently kissed a woman

Legendary comic Joan Rivers might be 79 and send holiday cards to her plastic surgeon, but that doesn’t mean she can’t experiment.

While promoting season 3 of her reality show ‘Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best on NBC’s Today Show, she revealed she had recently kissed a woman.

‘It was in the moment,’ Rivers explained. ‘I like her very much. It’s like the Katy Perry song “I Kissed A Girl”. I don’t know if I liked it or I didn’t like it.

‘But I did wake up this morning with an incredible urge to play golf.’

On the morning chat show, Rivers insisted the kiss did happen.

‘Lily Tomlin, who is my very good friend, she and Jane Lynch had a dinner party, and I met this lovely woman,’ she said. ‘At this point, all the men I go out with remind me of my father – dead… I figure I might as well try it at this point. Maybe I’ve been missing something.

Rivers, who once joked ‘You should only come out when you need the publicity’, said in 2010 she had never experimented with a woman.

Speaking to The Advocate, she said: ‘Will it ever happen? Who knows? If Lily Tomlin had shown up with a ring, who knows what might’ve happened? But it would’ve had to be a big ring.’