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9-year-old trans cub scout’s verdict on Donald Trump: ‘Ridiculous’

9-year-old trans cub scout’s verdict on Donald Trump: ‘Ridiculous’

Joe Maldonado changed the rules for trans cub scouts

Joe Maldonado knows what it’s like to be discriminated against just because you’re trans.

In December, the 9-year-old boy was kicked out of Cub Scout Pack 87 in Secaucus, New Jersey, because some parents complained about him being transgender.

On 7 February, Joe became the first trans boy to officially be a member of the Boy Scouts.

This week he appeared on MSNBC, together with his mom Kristie, to be interviewed about President Donald Trump’s decision to drop protections for transgender students.

Right at the beginning, when asked about how the news made him feel, Joe made clear where he stands.

‘I’m proud,’ he said.

‘Well, I’m not proud of Donald Trump.’

What the cub scout is proud is that he changed the rules for trans kids across the US who wanted to join the boy scouts but, until recently, couldn’t.

And then, Joe had some truths to tell about what he thinks about the government no longer supporting trans kids.

‘I think it’s wrong. Because some governors will probably say no,’ he said.

‘And I don’t think any states should be for that rule.’

When questioned further, Joe voiced what many have been thinking these last few days.

‘I think it’s ridiculous. This is just, oh my gosh, this is ridiculous,’ he said.

‘Because it doesn’t matter of your gender. It matters how you feel, not your gender.’

When the reporter asked what he would think about having to go to the girls’ bathroom, his mom jumped in to say her son had actually experienced this.

‘It was just weird,’ he said.

Unsurprisingly, the girls who ran into him in the restroom didn’t take it very well, either – and told him ‘this is the girls’ bathroom’.