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Joey Essex lookalike Sam Barton attacked in a gay bar by a lesbian

Joey Essex lookalike Sam Barton attacked in a gay bar by a lesbian

Sam on a recent night out with friend Jordan Jay

Joey Essex lookalike Sam Barton, once labeled the ‘vainest man in Britain’, was pushed by and received an inch-and-a-half scratch to the face from a woman in a Birmingham gay bar last week, he has claimed.

The 23-year-old, who has confessed to spending £50,000 ($74,500 €68,150) on cosmetic surgery and being a Botox addict, is now taking up kickboxing to defend himself from future attacks.

The incident took place last Thursday (17 December). He told Gay Star News: ‘I have no idea [who she was] – she was just a lesbian behind me in the bar with who I assume was her girlfriend.

‘It all happened so fast. I noticed someone taking a picture of me from behind, I turned round and she was talking in my ear. She asked me if I was Sam Barton out the paper and I said yes. I couldn’t really make out what she was saying as she was so drunk. Straight after she pushed and tried to punch me, she slammed her bottle down, said sorry and left.

‘I avoided the fuss of the staff and management as I was having a good time. I’m fine now, I suppose I’m used to it. I get a lot off abuse when I’m out but I also get a lot of support, I appreciate that.’

Sam, previously attacked by a man in an Essex bar last year, added: ‘The only reason I didn’t report it to the police is because they were so useless last time it happened and this wasn’t as bad as then.’

The grandson of the late Tony Barton, manager of British football club Aston Villa when they won the European Cup in 1982, previously told the Birmingham Mail that after Christmas he will start kickboxing lessons with 2014 British Champion Deniz Temelgun.