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John Barrowman in talks to bring Torchwood back to TV

John Barrowman in talks to bring Torchwood back to TV

John Barrowman could reprise his iconic role as Captain Jack Harkness.

John Barrowman is working on getting Torchwood back on screen.

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the Doctor Who and Arrow star revealed he was in talks to get the series back – and not just in the form of reruns.

‘I have a phone conversation on Monday to see how we can get it back on television,’ the Glasgow-born actor said.

Over the past, he’s repeatedly hinted at Torchwood coming back to the small screen, but in much vaguer terms.

But during the SDCC announcement, Barrowman made it clear he was serious, saying he wouldn’t comment if he wasn’t serious about a possible return.

‘The fans know me well enough, I’m only to say it if I mean it and believe it.’

Torchwood’s last series, titled Torchwood: Miracle Day, aired in 2011, but the show is far from dead, no thanks to its loyal following.

Last year, Big Finish – who produce a number of audio plays for BBC shows – released a new series of audio dramas, featuring Barrowman in his role as Captain Jack Harkness, as well as other members of the original cast.

Barrowman and his sister, author Carole Barrowman, are also the creative minds behind a new comic series, published by Titan comic, which looks to continue the Torchwood story.

But even with the show’s hero is throwing his weight behind bringing it back to the BBC, Barrowman, who was promoting the comic at San Diego, said they needed the fans to show their support.

‘If you really believe in Torchwood, get the comic,’ he said.

‘Get this series going. It’s like a Kickstarter. If you buy the comic, you’ll show your support… we need Captain Jack back on the screens.’