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John Barrowman told to ‘die’ over C’wealth Games gay kiss

John Barrowman told to ‘die’ over C’wealth Games gay kiss

Gay actor John Barrowman is being told to ‘die’ after kissing a male dancer at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

He performed a song called Welcome to Scotland, celebrating everything that makes the country great including Nessie, Gretna Green and equal marriage.

However, some criticized the Scottish-American host – saying he deserved to ‘die’, ‘should commit suicide’ and the kiss was ‘embarrassing for everyone involved’.

‘[John Barrowman is] a horrific human being,’ one said on Twitter. Another said he ‘needs to die for this.’

Another tweeter slammed the entire opening ceremony, using a Scottish slur to describe Barrowman that can mean ‘faggot’ or ‘idiot’.

‘Well that was a complete piss-take. They’ve made me hate my own country,’ they said. ‘Also, John Barrowman is a fanny.’

On BBC Breakfast today, Dr Tessa Hartmann described the kiss as ‘inappropriate for children to see’. She defended her comments by saying they were ‘misconstrued’ and that she is ‘anything but homophobic’.

Barrowman retweeted some of the negative comments. He hit back at his critics by saying:

But Barrowman has something to be happy about. If you look at the response as a whole, the reaction to the kiss has been overwhelmingly positive.