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John Barrowman using 50th birthday to launch pro-trans T-shirt campaign

'We must stand in solidarity'

John Barrowman using 50th birthday to launch pro-trans T-shirt campaign
Photo: John Barrowman via Instagram
John Barrowman is using his 50th birthday to make a statement.

John Barrowman turns 50 on Saturday (11 March) and he is using the milestone occasion to make a statement.

The Arrow star took to Instagram to share with his more than 650,000 followers his first T-shirt campaign of 2017 which supports transgender equality.

‘Our transgender friends and family need our help and support as a lot of decisions are going to be made on their behalf that don’t take their needs and rights into consideration,’ wrote the prolific actor, singer and author.

‘Most of us have the luxury of being who we are and living our truth. We must stand in solidarity with those who are not as lucky. … Let’s show our support for our transgender family because it was never about bathrooms.’

Barrowman’s T-shirt line comes just as the administration of US President Donald Trump rescinded federal guidelines for how to treat transgender students in school.

In addition to using the bathroom that matches their gender identity, the guidelines also covered such things as correct pronoun use and bullying.

The T-shirt design is available in various styles including tank top and hooded sweatshirt, according to Barrowman’s website.

Also in connection to his 50th birthday, Barrowman unveiled his silver hair which he had shortly-cropped.

It’s not known if he plans to keep the silver locks moving forward.

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