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John Cena says in LGBTQ-inclusive PSA: ‘To love America is to love all Americans’

John Cena says in LGBTQ-inclusive PSA: ‘To love America is to love all Americans’

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Pro wrestler John Cena is definitely winning our hearts with his powerful message of inclusivity in Ad Council’s new PSA for the ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign.

This timely ad released on the Fourth of July holiday features Cena taking a casual stroll through an American town, asking the question of what makes the U.S. the country that it is.

‘Patriotism is love for a country—not just pride in it. But what really makes up this country of ours? What is it we love?’ Cena asks. ‘It’s the people.’

The 39-year-old WWE champion then challenges our biases when it comes to who we think the average American is.

If you’re thinking of a white man, you are wrong.

Firstly, the ‘average’ American is actually female, given that women make up 51% of the country’s population.

Furthermore, large numbers of Americans are Latino, Asian, African-American, disabled, LGBT, Muslim, senior citizens, and so on.

‘Almost half the country belongs to minority groups,’ Cena asserts after dropping some surprising statistics.

He adds that patriotism shouldn’t just be about pride for one’s country, but should also be about love — love beyond age, disability, sexuality, religion, race, or any other labels.

Yes, you heard him. Throw all those labels out of the window, because ‘to love America is to love all Americans.’

Because, love has no labels.

Watch the amazing ad here:

Use: #WeAreAmerica or #LoveHasNoLabels

And here’s last year’s edition which will definitely move you to tears: