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WATCH: John Oliver says Australia’s postal survey is the ‘weirdest waste of money’

WATCH: John Oliver says Australia’s postal survey is the ‘weirdest waste of money’

John Oliver did a segment on the postal survey

If polls show two-thirds of Australians support same-sex marriage, why is there a voluntary, non-legally binding postal vote happening? That’s what Last Week Tonight host John Oliver wants to know.

It costs $120 million, which, according to Oliver, ‘is the weirdest waste of Australian money since every Baz Luhrmann movie ever made’.

In typical, hilarious Oliver fashion, he pulls clips and various stories to riff on the postal survey. He really does make some compelling arguments.

The toxicity

First, he focuses on people’s ‘ridiculous arguments’ against marriage equality.

He goes after Parliament member Kevin Andrews’ commentary on affectionate relationships not leading to marriage.

‘That’s not marriage, that’s fucking your cycling mates,’ Oliver says to audience laughter.

Then he points out an activist hung up on semantics.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, if I may still use that term in these gender-fluid times,’ she says in the clip.

Then she uses the word ‘garriage’ for gay marriage and you better believe Oliver has a field day with that one.

‘That is a stupid word,’ he says emphatically. ‘Except in the very rare case of a wedding between two men named Gary. In which case, obviously, they should be getting “garried”.’

No one is safe

The 5-minute, laugh-out-loud video continues and no one is safe from this comedy.

He goes after the gay couple who doesn’t believe in marriage equality and Qantas CEO who got pied in the face. He also discusses the physical assault on former Prime Minister Tony Abott. However, it turned out that didn’t actually have to do with marriage equality.

Oliver always provides the best and funniest commentary and this is no different.

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