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Johnny Weir’s behavior called ‘conniving’ by ‘heartbroken’ estranged husband

Johnny Weir’s behavior called ‘conniving’ by ‘heartbroken’ estranged husband

Johnny Weir’s estranged husband is blasting the two-time Olympic figure skater for the way he has behaved during their split.

Victor Voronov, in his first interview since the bitter break-up last month, tells the US TV show Inside Edition: ‘There are a lot of emotions that I feel right now. I feel betrayed, heartbroken, shocked.’

The two were married in December 2011 and Weir announced their split on Twitter in March. Voronov claims he had no idea it was coming and that Weir had secretly filed for divorce a month before.

‘What he’d done to me is unforgiveable. Morally irrepressible,’ he says. ‘The most conniving behavior I’ve ever seen anybody do. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love him.’

Although he claims he still loves Weir, Voronov paints a picture of a stressful union:’I was blinded by fear. The thing is love and fear go hand in hand. It was walking on eggshells every single day.’

Weir has not responded to Voronov’s latest comments but in an interview with Access Hollywood last month he said: ‘I was losing myself by being married to my husband. I was losing my objectives in life. I was very isolated from the world.’

He also complained that Voronov was not working despite having a law degree.

‘I was supporting two people and whether it seems like a big deal or not, I come from a lower middle class family that has had to work no matter what. If you can’t be an attorney this week, then you better go get a job next week, otherwise the bills won’t get paid.’