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WATCH: African-American, gay journalist emotionally explains why Trump’s win is so upsetting

WATCH: African-American, gay journalist emotionally explains why Trump’s win is so upsetting

Jonathan Capehart is a columnist for the Washington Post

A celebrated black, gay journalist has opened up about his fears for America’s future after Donald Trump’s election in an emotional interview.

Jonathan Capehart, a celebrated columnist and with the Washington Post and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, was interviewed by Channel 4’s Jon Snow.

‘People aren’t just grieving the loss of Hillary Clinton, of the presidency,’ Capeheart said.

‘What they’re grieving for is their future.’

He said Trump’s campaign made black, hispanic and other Americans belonging to minority groups question their place in the country, and which treatment they’d face under Trump’s government.

’You are a gay, black Washington Post columnist, and much celebrated. Are you… is this your America? Are you worried that it may become a different America,’ Snow asked.

The answer made Capehart so emotional, he had to stop for a second before continuing.

‘That is a very powerful question, Jon, and it moves me almost into silence,’ he said.

‘Because the election of President Obama was a great moment for this country. And now we stand two months away from, excuse me, from all that disappearing.

‘And as an African-American, as an openly gay man, and as an American, that frightens me.’

Snow then asked Trump’s Michigan campaign manager, Lena Epstein, whether she could address Capehart’s concerns and offer some reassurance that this would be his America, too.

‘My heart goes out and I want to assure you, from my personal experience with Mr Trump, that he is a good man, that he is a capable man and that he cares for all Americans including you and your community,’ she said.

‘And as someone who will be in his corner going forward, I will be very carefult to advocate and be sure that that is the case.’

Over the course of his career, Capehart said he had made his own experiences with Donald Trump – which is why he is so scared of what the future may hold.

‘I’ve interviewed Donald Trump in his office. The man I met, he was warm, he was charming, he was engaging.

‘The man who ran for President over the last 15 months is not that man. And that is why I, and so many people, are afraid, and that’s why I and so many people are praying for this nation.’

Watch the full interview below: