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Jonathan Groff admits he’s ‘bummed’ Looking was canceled

Jonathan Groff admits he’s ‘bummed’ Looking was canceled

Jonathan Groff has admitted that he’s ‘bummed’ that Looking wasn’t renewed for a third season.

HBO confirmed in March that the series starring Groff, Murray Bartlett, Frankie J. Alvarez and Russell Tovey will not return for a new season and will instead be wrapped up with a TV film.

In a new interview with Digital Spy, Groff shares his disappointment over HBO’s decision and says that he wishes the show could have continued for more seasons.

‘I’m definitely bummed to see it go, but I’m grateful that we at least are getting a special to say goodbye to the experience, and to go back to San Francisco one last time,’ said Groff.

‘Oftentimes, with TV shows, they cancel it and you don’t even get to say goodbye to anyone, because it’s so sudden – so the fact that we’re getting to go back is great.’

‘But yeah, of course, I wish that we could’ve gone longer and done more seasons – full seasons.’

He went on to discuss details of the forthcoming film, teasing that he thinks it will be a ‘nice final chapter’.

‘I’ve gotten the basic rundown of what happens, but they’re [still] nailing out the details of the storylines. I can’t imagine with Michael and Andrew – knowing them and knowing the way they work.’

‘I can’t imagine that they’re going to tie it up in a bow, because that’s just not the way that they express themselves. But I think it’ll be a nice final chapter.’