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Queer Eye’s Jones Sisters’ secret sauce sells out in just one day

Queer Eye’s Jones Sisters’ secret sauce sells out in just one day

Deborah (left) and Mary Jones features in episode 3 of Queer Eye's third season

If you spent the weekend wailing over the Queer Eye cast’s latest efforts to save humanity, then you’ve probably seen barbecue pit queens Deborah and Mary Jones.

In season three of the Netflix show, the entrepreneurial sisters are the focus of episode 3, Jones Bar-B-Q.

But after the episode aired last week (15 March), their restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas, had its most sold-out weekend ever.

Fans jumped on the chance to buy the barbecue sauce sold at what foodie Antoni Porowski dubbed, ‘The best barbecue in town.’

They quickly stormed the sister’s website to purchase the sauce, which sold out within a day.

‘We are feeling so blessed’

The sisters took to Instagram to thank everyone for the overwhelming support.

They wrote: ‘We have received so much love and support from all around the world since our Queer Eye episode aired on Friday.

‘We are feeling so blessed and want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughtful and touching messages.

‘Your words are so meaningful.’

What’s so hot about the sauce?

A secret recipe by their late father, the sisters’ tangy sauce quickly became a supporting cast member in the episode.

In the episode, the Fab Five visit the sisters who find between running a business and everything else in life, they have zero time to practise self-care.

Deborah’s daughter, Izora, nominated them.

Running their restaurant out of a tiny former taco stand, the sisters made their secret sauce from scratch everyday, but dreamt of taking it to the big leagues.

The sauce reached stratospheric heights in their local community, but they struggled to produce larger quantities without help.

Enter avocado enthusiast Antoni Porowski, who connected the Jones sisters with a bottling company to help them achieve their dream.

And now, passionate foodie fans can grab a bottle from the Jones Bar-B-Q website for around $7 per bottle.

The reaction was so overwhelming, there’s even a pre-warning on the website of a longer-than-average shipping time.

‘Not only men need help’

Ahead of season three, Antoni Porowski spoke of how the season will focus more on ‘diversity.’

He said: ‘We actually had conversations about the types of conversations we want to have.

‘For example, myself as an immigrant, that’s an important story that I wanted to tell.’

He added he called for ‘better balance with women to men’ because ‘not only men need help.’

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