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Anti-gay bigot in swastika necklace gets egged in Manhattan square

Anti-gay bigot in swastika necklace gets egged in Manhattan square

Jovanni Valle gets pelted with eggs in Union Square

A right-wing activist wearing a swastika necklace has been hit by eggs on the street in Manhattan, NYC. The incident happened after he got into a discussion about homosexuality. Footage of the egging has gone viral on social media.

Jovanni Valle, 26, is establishing a reputation for protesting his extreme right-wing opinions. Exercising his right to free speech, Union Square is one of his favorite haunts to spout his views.

In the incident, Valle – a Trump supporter – was talking with other members of the public in the square. They wanted him to explain the swastika necklace he was wearing.

‘Homosexuality … a chemical imbalance’

During discussions, Valle reportedly also voiced some of his views on homosexuality.

‘Homosexuality was due to a chemical imbalance’ in the body,’ he said, reports the Daily Mail.

‘It’s hurting children, because children grow up mentally ill not knowing who they are.’

Valles carries an unidentifiable flag. Footage shows him being approached from behind by a man carrying eggs, He then throws what appears to be three eggs at Valle, which explode on the back of his head.

A shocked Valle turns and runs after the attacker. He wrestles him to the ground, but when another man becomes involved, Valle gets up and runs away.

On Twitter many applauded the actions of the man who threw eggs.

Many compared him to ‘egg boy’. Australian teenager Will Connolly earned the moniker in March after cracking an egg on Senator Fraser Anning after the politician made anti-migration comments in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand.

Video of the Valle incident has been ‘liked’ 43k times and re-tweeted 11k times.

Attacked last July and affiliated with far-right groups

This is not the first time Valle has been attacked in public. Last July, whilst wearing a MAGA hat, he was glassed and suffered facial injuries during a bar brawl on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Valle told police his hat fell off while dancing. A woman at the bar stamped on the hat and told Valle she hated what it stood for. He placed his hand on the woman, and her boyfriend then became involved, punching Valle.

The woman hit him with a beer bottle, cutting his face. The couple were later arrested but released on bail.

According to Right Wing Watch, Valle – who sometimes promotes himself by the moniker ‘Jovi Val’ – briefly joined the nationalistic, right-wing group group Proud Boys after the incident. The group later disavowed itself from him. Right Wing Watch also reports Valle being spotted attending several white supremacist rallies in recent months.

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