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Judge tells actors it’s ok to say co-star is gay

Judge tells actors it’s ok to say co-star is gay

An Italian sex-symbol from the 1990s has been cleared of libel after she implied another actor was gay and in a relationship with his producer.

Sabrina Ferilli, who was a famous actress in the 1990s appearing on Italian TV, made the comments about fellow TV actor and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Francesco Testi.

During an interview in 2012 she said: ‘Actor Francesco Testi and his producer are in a deep relationship.’

Testi, who had been acting in a film with Ferilli in the beginning of 2012, sued her for defamation.

The judge Gianluigi Dettori has now ruled in Ferilli’s favor saying: ‘Alleging that someone is gay is not a crime, if the aim is not offensive.’

Previous Italian sentences, also dating from 2012, had ruled saying someone is gay or lesbian ‘could be a crime’.

Deciding on a case involving a newspaper last July, the Corte di Cassazione, the Supreme Court, said that ‘the outing of LGBT people is not allowed if it’s not in the public interest.

‘In this case, the outing goes against privacy and defamation laws.’

But the Ferilli-Testi case demonstrated that, as the judge said, ‘nowadays saying that someone is gay is no longer offensive.’

Testi said that he will appeal and wants compensation.