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Julia Gillard: ‘I accept gay marriage will happen in Australia’

Julia Gillard: ‘I accept gay marriage will happen in Australia’

Julia Gillard has accepted same-sex marriage will one day happen in Australia.

The former Labor prime minister opposes same-sex marriage, maintaining she believes in the ‘traditional’ definition of the union.

But in a new interview, she admits her views are ‘old fashioned’ and that marriage equality is an inevitability in the developed world.

‘I’ve got what may be in the modern age a kind of old-fashioned, feminist view about, can we take the traditional institution of marriage and stretch it? Or do you create some other way of solemnising relationships and recognizing them as of worth and status?’ she told Channel Nine.

‘When I was a young feminist I would’ve said overwhelmingly the gay community was on that track too, but things have changed.

‘I accept the course of human history now is that we are going to see same-sex marriage here and in, you know, most parts of the developed world.’

When Kevin Rudd took over as prime minister and the leader of the Labor party last year, he said he would endorse same-sex marriage.

But when Tony Abbott won in the federal poll, he said he remains opposed to legalizing the unions.

The Australian Capital Territory briefly legalized same-sex marriage in 2013 for five days until the High Court ruled the law to be unconstitutional. Norfolk Island is hoping to be the first part of the country to legalize equality for good.

Liberal Democratic Party Senator David Leyonhjelm has also announced a bill to legalize same-sex marriage and will put it on the notice paper during the current sitting fortnight of Parliament. 

However its introduction depends on the promise of a Coalition conscience vote, something that is yet to be guaranteed.